Stories in Stone: Looking for Geology on the Sidewalks of Seattle

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Most people do not think of looking for geology on the sidewalks of Seattle, but for the intrepid geologist, any good rock can tell a fascinating story. All one has to do is look at building stone downtown to discover a range of rocks equal to any assembled by plate tectonics. Building stones tell the stories of our cultural and natural history. On this 1.5 mile walk, join author David B. Williams and explore stone ranging from ancient (3.5 billion years old) to nascent (just 120,000 years old), see fossils as large as a cinnamon roll, as well as the same type of rock used by the Romans to build the Colosseum. We will discuss history, geology, and architecture to give a newfound appreciation for the urban wilds of Seattle.

About the Seattle Architecture Foundation

Design shapes communities on many levels, whether we are conscious of its impact or not. Everything we touch, everything we see in the built environment is a product of the design process. Plazas, public spaces, even things often considered natural, like parks and landscaping, are intentionally designed.

The Seattle Architecture Foundation connects people to the architecture, design, and history of Seattle. We believe the more you engage with design, the more you feel connected to your changing city. As a volunteer driven organization, we provide programs which will empower you to make a difference in your community. Below are the standards we bring to our work.

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Cover image courtesy Andrew Croneberger/Seattle Architecture Foundation.

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September 14, 2019 10:00 am
September 14, 2019 12:00 pm


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