Seattle Design Pup is the premier open-source, free website for connecting the Seattle Design Community, offering a wide array of physical events and online tools.  Our mission is to make it easy for members of our community to find and participate in conversations about the impact of design in our everyday lives.

The Pup is perhaps best known for our master calendar, posting and actively sharing events for dozens of local organizations and individuals through our website, weekly email digests, and social media channels.

Our online tools include a page of current volunteer activities, a resources page of Seattle design organizations and blogs, a jobs board, and more.  All centered around YOU, the tools you need to do your best, and how to build a better, stronger, community.

Go ahead and explore.  You’re off leash around here, so run around, have some fun, and enjoy finding new things.  If you need any help along the way, just reach out.  We’re here, and we’re very obedient when it comes to helping you through any ruff patches you might come across.

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